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In this collection you'll find photos of subjects I found interesting while strolling through the streets here and there.

At the bottom of each photo you'll find the gallery where it's from. So if you want to see more of the place where they were taken, just click on the gallery link.

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Category:City Scenes
Subcategory:Street Scenes
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Keywords:city, fotografie, photography, stad, straatfotografie, streetphotography, urban

How to park a bikeBikes in the cityE.X.I.S.T.E.N.Z.Sint-Jacobskerk/Saint James's ChurchSint-Jacobskerk/Saint James's ChurchCeci n'est pas une voiture...c'est un art de vivreCeci n'est pas une voiture...c'est un art de vivreBurned fries and hamburgersPoint and shootCatching ducklingsSpeeding upAt the speed of lightPassing timeBarbe a papaUnder the bridge