Welcome to my site, enjoy my photos, taken here and there, where the wind brings me.

As a freelance photographer I mainly shoot national and international artists/bands and events in Belgium, but I'm also the house-photographer at the Night of the Proms Poland so occasionally I do international events too. During my career my work got appreciated and/or used by several artists/bands/events/businesses, ex. The Rhythm Junks, Meuris, Customs, Buscemi, Anton Walgrave, The Kids, The Wolfbanes, Vive la Fête, Frank Boeijen, I got you on tape, Morten Harket, Coolio, Les Truttes, Billie Leyers, Twenty 4 Seven, Night of the Proms, Hercules Trophy, Ladies Games, Leuven Actueel, Sanoma Media Belgium, Morcheeba, Praga Khan, Zucchero, ...

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Kurt Jacobs
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