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A selection of my photos taken at different concert shoots.

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Keywords:artiesten, artists, bands, concert, concertfotografie, concertphotography, concerts, events, music, muziek

NoisettesNoisettesVive la FêteVive la FêteMorcheebaThe Rhythm JunksSXMerdan TaplakBuscemiI Got You On TapeI Got You On TapeA BrandA BrandClock OperaClock Operamusic, bands, concert, marktrock, "BJ Scott"music, bands, concert, marktrock, "BJ Scott"Music, bands, concert, marktrock, "The Rhythm Junks"Music, bands, concert, marktrock, "The Rhythm Junks"Music, Bands, Concert, Marktrock, Leuven, The Kids